July 2015 - Strategy 4 Growth

LinkedIn – Compliance is Compelling

Linked in Post – 28th July 2015 Stefan Haase Compliance is Compelling It is always re-assuring when research published by one of the major sources of market forecasts and business intelligence confirms what has been transparent for a while. Tech Target’s 2015 IT Priorities Survey states that: Compliance and security are in the top 4 […]

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LinkedIn – Vorsprung durch Strategy

Linked in Post – 23rd July 2015 Stefan Haase Vorsprung durch Strategy The collapse of the global banking sector and the subsequent global economic downturn occurred nearly 10 years ago but the aftermath is still felt by most countries and their business communities. Yes, most economies have recovered, but the age of austerity is far […]

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LinkedIn – Is common sense a business strategy?

Linked in Post – 23rd July 2015 Stefan Haase Is Common Sense a Business Strategy Strictly speaking, no. Common sense is not a business strategy. Strategy is about giving your business a true identity, formulating a vision of where the business needs to be in 3-5 years’ time and then setting in motion the plan […]

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