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At Strategy 4 Growth we assist you with your specific business challenges by observing your business from the outside thus adding a neutral dimension to creating or fine-tuning the business strategy, whilst embedding a solid theoretical and practical framework for strategic planning into your organisation and ensuring this takes both internal and external customers into consideration.Strategy 4 Growth has a specialty focus on strategy powered by technology. As technology is transforming every organisation, you need a technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the new opportunities you are presented with. Whether it is business, digital, cloud or operations strategy, we analyse your business, identify pain points, improve communications and drive value while shaping, communicating and visualising your new business strategy and designing and future-proofing your operating models.With over 20 years’ experience of analysing, devising, implementing and reviewing business, operational, marketing and product & service strategies, in particular in fast moving and challenging B2B environments, Strategy 4 Growth is ideally placed to assist you in your strategic thinking.Our multi-national experience has enabled us in assisting UK and international businesses to drive their desire for innovation and focusing on best in class product and services, ultimately achieving external customer satisfaction through perceived value generation and internal customer contribution and sharing of common values.
Our Key Credentials

  1. In depth knowledge of fast changing B2B environments
  2. Facilitating growth of individual product & service lines of up to 100% year on year
  3. Linking key product management and marketing activities to drive innovation
  4. Long-term experience of managing business wide programmes and projects
  5. Strong track record of commercial and contractual engagements with both suppliers and customers
  6. Devising, articulating and successfully implementing value vs price propositions
  7. Understanding customer pain points and promoting positive business outcomes rather than focusing on basic product / service features
  8. Communicating to internal and external audiences alike, focusing on their actual perception of the business vision and strategy
  9. Simplifying complex business propositions into a language that makes sense to the respective target audience not just to the business knowledge holders
  10. Implementing an over-arching common sense and best practice approach to bridge gaps within the business and between the business and its customers

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