Case studies - Strategy 4 Growth



Recall Inc

The Challenge

The key objectives for Recall was to capitalise on the continued growth of cloud based data management, data protection and long term storage services. Equally customers expressed the growing need to manage data held on premise with a view of moving data to the cloud long-term, i.e. data needs to reside onsite as well as offsite with a single view and management interface to ensure all data is available and recoverable from a central point at all times.

Recall’s global business units outside the US and Australia had limited experience with cloud based services, DR as a Service (DRaaS) and customer requirements in general.

The Solution

There were a number of areas that Recall needed to address and Strategy 4 Growth supported the business by providing support in the following areas:


One to One Recruitment

The Challenge

One to One Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy that places particular emphasis on building relationships and partnerships both with employers and candidates that centre on the individual and aim to provide a perfect fit for both candidate and recruiter.

Strategy 4 Growth was invited to work with One to One Recruitment to review the company’s existing marketing, digital and growth strategies, to identify new growth opportunities and to assist in the creation & implementation of a strategic marketing plan that ensured both medium and long-term growth ambitions were achieved.

The Solution

Strategy 4 Growth identified a number of strategic objectives to deliver innovative growth opportunities and subsequently carried out a number of activities to facilitate these objectives such as:

These activities enabled us to assist One to One Recruitment with the successful implementation of the new marketing strategy and achieve real business growth.


Whitecap Consulting / Unisys

The Challenge

Unisys is a global information technology company that provides a diverse range of IT services, software, and technology to clients in the government, financial services and commercial markets.

Being a key player in the technology sector, Unisys has built up a strong track record in financial technology, with a core strength in infrastructure but also having successfully operated with some of the more recent digital developments such blockchain and biometrics.

Although already well established in financial services, Unisys identified a requirement to evaluate its proposition in the digital banking space. Unisys was particularly focused on the opportunities offered by omni-channel banking and innovation from FinTech, and was looking for guidance and clarity on how to better position, present and operate in their market.

The Solution

Strategy 4 Growth was asked to assist Whitecap Consulting with developing a clear and perceivable market proposition for Unisys, directly relevant to FinTech and omni-channel banking, and changes in consumer behaviour.

The aim for Unisys was to establish themselves as the ‘go-to’ provider to banks and FinTech suppliers, by mapping out an ecosystem that Unisys could be at the heart of.

We spent time fully understanding Unisys’ current market position and internal resource by interviewing senior people in different sectors around omni-channel markets, this gave us a broader understanding of what Unisys has to consider when developing its proposition.

Strategy 4 Growth undertook extensive market research to understand the key factors around the market proposition, such as; omni-channel optimisation, consumer behaviour, and competition/industry wide trends in the financial services and FinTech sectors.

Whitecap ConsultingFiNexus

Whitecap Consulting / FiNexus

The Challenge

FiNexus had been in discussions with a variety of regional and national stakeholders in both the commercial and public sectors to gauge interest in building and funding a Leeds based FinTech innovation hub to join and drive the global movement for FinTech innovation, to benefit from the UK’s global leadership in FinTech and build a Northern counter-balance to the FinTech centre which is London.

Following the successful initial engagement with key stakeholders in the region and having secured central

The Solution

Strategy 4 Growth assisted Whitecap Consulting in delivering the strategy paper in very short time scales.

After establishing key drivers, funding criteria and critical success factors for central government to fund and support, this project focused on the delivery of a number of key activities:

  1. Creating a mission statement for the innovation hub
  2. Carrying out a SWOT analysis Including a Report on “Why Leeds?” establishing key strengths and weaknesses of Leeds and the region to create the innovation hub as well as why and how the innovation hub would succeed
  3. Setting long and short-term goals Setting the short and long term goals of the development of the innovation hub, including the development of a wider ecosystem in Leeds to deliver economic, social and commercial benefits.
  4. Developing a high level marketing planto ensure the innovation hub gains maximum traction prior, during and following its launch.
  5. Devising a high level operational plan  to ensure the project is delivered successfully, timely and on budget.
  6. Devising a stakeholder engagement plan to outline key stakeholders in developing and launching the innovation hub.
  7. Assisting in the creation of a management team and governance structure
  8. Assisting with setting a high-level budget and project timelines.