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Cloud Strategy


While Cloud has been around for some years many business understand that they need to be in the cloud they still struggle with the journey to the Cloud, which hasn’t been helped by the fact that every reseller, vendor, manufacturer or system integrator calls everything cloud even if the solution / service is provided on the customer’s premise. Cloud is here to stay which is exemplified by the fact that every successful software vendor offers cloud (or software as a service) by default –also referred to as Cloud-first methodology- and software delivered as an on premise solutions is only treated as an afterthought. Software is the key denominator in the technology sector as it drives everything from network to infrastructure and security thus if software is predominantly delivered from the cloud then business and their IT strategy need to incorporate this trend and become cloud ready and cloud native.

At the same time there is a lot of hype, untruths and scaremongering among business leaders thus a carefully guided and low-risk approach to Cloud is of the essence and the service we offer ensures that the journey to the cloud is tailored to meet the specific strategic, operational, commercial and compliance requirements of each business.

Our cloud strategy model consists of different options such as:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment – The challenge is to understand how to get to the Cloud hence the need for a cloud readiness assessment. This typically consists of three components: technology, people and process and is based on the principle that most applications can run in the cloud. The technology component involves understanding the organisation’s existing IT infrastructure and technical requirements. The process component is often underestimated and is concerned with the need to assess a business’s cloud readiness in terms of operational processes, business processes and willingness to change. People are a vital assessment component as you need to understand whether or not people will embrace change as often moving applications into the cloud results in changing the way people do business. Failure to understand an organisation’s business and operational processes, as well as their appetite for change, can make or break a cloud migration.
  • Organisational Readiness Assessment – This assessment consists of a number of components as the business needs to understand that they are looking at a fairly large change management exercise, e.g. a change in process, a change in skills, which ideally means reskilling and retooling operational and business teams to be able to operate in the Cloud. IT operations teams look to minimise risk, though adapting to the Cloud may involve re-creating processes from scratch, which could be risky. The key is to identify people at the early stages of a project who are willing to change and involve them to establish some success.
  • Cloud Enabled IT Operations Assessment – This assessment consider different business functions, processes, compliance, roles and responsibilities or organisational models in a cloud environment.