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Digital Strategy


Every business today needs a digital strategy. Products and services need to be digitally connected an integrated including cloud, big data, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile applications. To connect your customers with information, data and things is of vital importance thus your digital strategy needs to facilitate this integration and allow customers to interact with your products and services.

Your business needs to create revenue from digital technology and thus needs a strategy that creates a digital edge, which combines digital information and physical things in new ways to create value and revenue opportunities. In order for your business to achieve this digital edge you need to align your processes, business model, behaviour and the customer experience by exploiting the ever-growing digital connections between systems, people, places and things.

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Businesses need to create revenue from digital technology and thus need a strategy that creates a digital edge, where digital information and physical things combine in new ways to create value and revenue. In order for organisations to achieve this digital edge they need to transform processes, business models, internal behaviour and the customer experience by exploiting the ever-growing digital connections between systems, people, places, and things.

The market place for most industries is disrupted by digital adapters or transformer that target new growth opportunities whereas the digital followers generally focus on existing markets and services only and thus miss out on growth opportunities.

Driving digital transformation allows businesses to generate new growth opportunities while creating and adapting to a new set of rules. In order to achieve digital transformation organisations need to:

  • Embrace new opportunities, new customers and new channels to market
  • Understand that digital strategy needs to have the customer at its heart
  • Identify how information creates value now and in the future and how they can play a part in this changing market place
  • Understand what changes a new digital strategy has in regards to overall business strategy, compliance, data and information flows, collaboration or security

Together we create digital strategies to rejuvenate your business model, mobilise your organisation and achieve results.

Digital Strategy Engagement Options

As a digital strategy consultancy we help you to develop the right digital strategy for your market and your customers. From building new online businesses, to finding new ways for your brands to connect with your customers, we unlock the right approach for you and your end user customers.

Within the digital strategy framework we will help organisations to build the right customer acquisition approaches, so whether the business relies on Google and / or Facebook– we will generate the traffic you need. We will strengthen customer retention approaches through CRM on mobile, social, email and traditional channels. And we will ensure the digital work is fully integrated so the digital activities are a seamless part of your business.

Together we aim to create a joined digital strategy, from helping to identify the right customer insights, to selecting the right mix of media and content to get the right message to the right customer. We help identify the right choice of channels, sites, mobile, social media and CRM for your digital marketing ecosystem.

Digital Marketing Audit

Getting the best value from your digital channels requires an understanding of what works and why. In a fast changing environment, many brands have websites and email programmes that are years behind best practice, failing to engage their stakeholders, generate leads and create the real value they could.

Digital marketing needs to work at each step of the buying journey, involve procurement, influencers and stakeholders and needs to be integrated with all other marketing activities.

The digital marketing audit offers a fast track to understanding how your digital investments are working, what is needed to accelerate ROI and:

  • Provides expert digital insight
  • Provides an independent, external, impartial review
  • Validates communications against their objectives
  • Validates the ability to optimise delivery of specific objectives

Typical activities we focus on:

  • Optimising the online media planning by getting the right messages to the right audience at the right times through the right media
  • Reviewing whether you have the right communication channels in the marketing mix
  • Reviewing the relative value and ROI of investments in each channel

Digital Roadmap

Running a marketing focused organisation can be very challenging, and without a clear digital roadmap, your business could lack the support, framework and resources it needs to succeed. In creating your digital roadmap, we will assist in answering these questions:

  • What digital activity should take place to achieve the objectives over the next 12-18 months?
  • How should this activity be structured to make best use of the limited resources?
  • How to improve reach whist also driving engagement and the depth of customer relationships?
  • How to get your websites, social, mobile, CRM and advertising channels all working together as a cohesive ecosystem?
  • How do you resource activity efficiently making best use of agencies, partners and internal resource?

Measurement of successful outcomes

  • Clear month by month activity plan agreed and signed off by all key stakeholders
  • Alignment by all stakeholders on objectives and approach for the next 12-18 months
  • Scorecard of metrics for each activity to understand what should be measured and optimised
  • Identifying the right organisational strategy and resource prioritisation
  • De-risking digital innovation and investment
  • A further shift in digital marketing effectiveness
  • Deeper confidence in how to apply digital marketing
  • Leadership-level skills development in the management of digital marketing and the creation of digital strategies