Our Markets - Strategy 4 Growth

Our Markets

Start-up companies –  Businesses that have enjoyed some initial success but are now looking for the next level of growth.

Small to medium sized businesses – Established mid sized companies that are looking to make the leap to corporate business by re-aligning and re-adjusting their business strategy.

Technology companies – Either pure-play technology companies or businesses heavily relying on technology to achieve their growth ambitions

  • Independent Software Vendors – Software drives the technology market more than any other factor and an increasing number of ISVs push into this market and / or are expanding to new markets. Positioning your business correctly to the most appropriate target market is of vital importance.
  • Hardware Vendors – The rise of a new breed of hardware vendors has given new life to a market previously dominated by a small group of multi-national vendors. In order to stay competitive and win business from large tier 1 providers the long-term strategy has to be compelling as well as agile and flexible.
  • Solution Providers – Combining on premise solution with managed services is a key stepping stone on the customer journey, though the rise of cloud service providers presents a strong challenge to the traditional solution provider. The go-to-market strategy has be adjusted accordingly.
  • Managed / Cloud Service Providers – The MSP / CSP market is one of the fastest growing technology markets with new entries virtually every week, thus customer and service differentiation is key to long-lasting success.
    • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service is the key building block for most cloud services but how do you successfully compete against the Amazons or Microsofts of this world?
    • SaaS – With Software as Service now being the default for virtually all market leading software offerings this market will continue to grow strongly. Though where all traditional software vendors need to maintain on premise as well as cloud deployments new market entrants can disrupt the market with a well positioning cloud only offering.
    • DBaaS – An increasing number of customers is demanding service providers to manage more of the application stack, preferably up to the database level. Are you equipped to deliver this requirements?
    • DRaaS – As an ever increasing number of mission-critical applications is hosted in the cloud customer need a solid Disaster Recovery as a Service to ensure business applications and data can be recovered seamlessly from an alternative location. This market is still in its infancy thus an understanding of customer requirements and the ability deliver is key to succeed in this market place
    • XaaS – The number of “as a Service” offerings is ever increasing and you need to ensure your service meets market requirements and offers real value to customers.
  • System Integrators – Tier 1 system integrators are confronted with major market and procurement changes and face the end of once lucrative long-term total outsourcing solutions, particularly in the public sector. The time for tier 2 or specialist system integrators is right to win a large market share and demonstrate flexibility, agility and value for money.
  • Internet Service Providers / Telecommunication Providers – Network connectivity is they facilitator for any business and cloud service provider. To succeed in a highly competitive market place service offering, positioning and differentiation is crucially important.

Public Sector – organisations operating in the public sector or heavily relying on public sector business

  • Local government – aligning organisations to new emerging market places and providers
  • Healthcare – Embracing this fast growing market place from both a customer and supplier perspective.
    • Customer – Is your organisation aligned and equipped to deal with the new breed of national and international product and service suppliers.
    • Supplier – have you aligned your strategy and go-to-market approach to deal with the complex procurement and compliance requirements of the healthcare sector?

Retail – we help retailers to plan and implement winning strategies for the new age of retail

Media and Entertainment – Strategies to address the pressures faced by traditional and digital media companies.