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Sales and Marketing Strategy

We help businesses in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies that transform the way they interact and engage with their customers.

Market places are changing quickly, be that through growing globalisation or omnipresence of products and services and fast moving competition or new global competitors operating with much reduced cost models and fighting for customers by competing on cost or flexibility rather than quality.

  • Marketing Transformation – Innovative marketing strategies not only help attract customers, but also convert them into loyal product and service advocates. We help drive growth and improve marketing output and performance by developing successful marketing strategies, planning and tailoring the effective implementation, execution and review of these strategies.
  • Sales Transformation – Businesses rely heavily on their sales team to meet their growth ambitions without arming them with an effective and well thought-out sales strategy. In order to improve sales performance and overachieve sales targets organisations need to review how they sell, what they sell and who they sell it to. We help businesses improve their sales performance by re-aligning resources, managing sales behaviour and strategies and by focusing on the company’s and the sales team’s strengths and capabilities.
  • Customer Focus – Delivering a high quality service and achieving a quality customer perception are key factors in today’s highly competitive market place to sustain growth. Businesses that achieve strong customer loyalty also achieve higher revenue growth and profit margins. We help organisations identifying and improving the key factors for sustained customer loyalty and growth through our strategic insight and analysis.