Strategy Analysis, Planning & Implementation Consultants

Strategic Planning Consultants

Strategy 4 Growth offers a variety of business consulting and strategic planning services to organisations who are looking to achieve their growth ambitions and / or capabilities and we can assist clients with specific strategic analysis, advice, leadership and strategy implementation and review. In any case the services offered will be tailored to meet your specific requirements and are likely to contain elements of the individual services listed in the drop down menu.

Our Approach

With over 20 years’ experience working with B2B and B2C clientsalike Strategy 4 Growth is ideally placed to add value to your business. We have gained unique insights into customer-vendor relationships by working in both camps and an understanding of the requirements from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective to be able to strategically assist you.

Our approach to strategic planning is tailored, agile, flexible, pragmatic, and hands-on and we view projects and assignments from a practitioner’s perspective.

As a strategy consultancy, our typical strategic planning engagement includes a number of activities outlined below and we structure our approach based on four specific stages:

  • Project Initiation – During the project initiation workshop the scope and parameters of the project are agreed with your key stakeholders as well as specific timelines and desirable outcomes. The agreed output from this workshop will then form the basis for the subsequent stages.
  • Discovery – During this stage we would analyse your products and services, interview staff and customers, carry out a high-level market analysis which will assess and identify a variety of key market factors that drive all subsequent activities.
  • Analysis & Recommendation – This stage analyses the information gathered as part of the discovery stage, puts into the agreed context, provides a market comparison and makes recommendations as to future strategic approach, planning and implementation.
  • Implementation & Review – Having agreed a revised strategy this stage caters for the business-wide implementation, internal and external communication and –importantly – visualisation of the strategy and subsequent reviews to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.