Strategy - Strategy 4 Growth


Strategy execution trends for 2015. Real time interaction is now a reality for many businesses and the rate of change as well as the required speed to respond are forever increasing.

  • Real-time strategy execution – this is all about building in flexibility into the strategy and the business alike to remain agile in a fast moving market place. Running different projects ij parallel to be able to respond quickly to competitive threats or changing market demands
  • Real-time indicators – rather than solely relying on historic data and indicators businesses need to be able to take current real-time indicators into consideration as well
  • Ensuring IT is aligned with the business – IT has the ability to act as a business transformation agent and advise the business, offering flexibility and accelerate strategic execution
  • More strategic execution and less strategic planning – many business are shifting emphasis from strategic planning to execution to be able to flexibly respond to changing customer and market needs. Successful businesses regard the future as a possibility, change as an opportunity and their strategy as the journey towards it.